Kwikstage Standards


Standards Sizes:

  • 9’9″ (3 metres)
  • 6’6″ (2 metres)

Kwikstage standards are vertical uprights that fit into base jacks and they act as the main support for a scaffold structure. Ledgers and Transoms can be inserted into different heights along the Standard to allow tailored erection of the scaffold.

Kwikstage Ledgers

Ledgers Sizes:

  • 8′ (2.4 metres)
  • 6′ (1.8 metres)

Kwikstage Ledgers provide length to a scaffold. Attached to the end of the Ledgers are wedges that tie into the various hooks on the Standard. They are also used effectively as a handrail on a scaffold.

Kwikstage Base Jacks

Scaffolding Base Jack Type:

  • 6 Tonne Carrying Weight
  • 4 Tonne Carrying Weight

Adjustable Screw Scaffolding Base Jack. The Standards slot into the Base Jacks and provide a firm foundation to build the scaffold upon.

Kwikstage Transoms

Transoms Sizes:

  • 4’2″ (1.2 metres)
  • 2’8″ (0.85 metres)

Transoms provides width to a scaffold bay and Kwikstage boards fit concisely together along the length of the Transom. The amount of Boards you can fit on each scaffold bay will depend on the size of the Transom.

Kwikstage Boards

Board Sizes:

  • 4′ (1.2 metres)
  • 6′ (1.8 metres)
  • 8′ (2.4 metres)

Also referred to as walk-boards or scaffold planks and scaffolding wood are materials used along scaffolding structures to facilitate safe working conditions at height.

Kwikstage Braces

Braces Sizes:

  • 11′ 6″ / 3.6 metres

Diagonal Scaffolding Braces are used to re-enforce an eight foot bay. Braces fit into the scaffolding structure with twist-able wedges that fit easily into a hook in the Kwikstage Standard.

Kwikstage Scaffold Stillage

Scaffold Stillages is the most common way to store and transport large quantities of scaffolding. They are designed to stack on top of each other and carry the weight of large volumes of scaffolding. Stillages helps to protect scaffolding from theft or damage on a building site. They are also a good health and safety measure where scaffolding can be stored compactly and transported easily. This can help prevent accidents on sites that may occur due to scaffolding being scattered on the ground.

Kwikstage Ladder

Clareco’s 4 metre straight scaffolding ladder are galvanised steel and fully certified. Each ladder has rubber feet at the base of the ladder to ensure additional stability with climbing and descending the ladder.

The Ladder Access Transom facilitates the Ladder in the Kwikstage system scaffold and is used in a ladder access bay.

Kwikstage Castor Wheels

Castor Wheels are made from galvanised steel and are heavy duty. Castor Wheels can lock the scaffolding bay into a fixed position. They allow for ease of mobility of the scaffolding bay. The wheel is made of solid rubber.

Kwikstage Ginny Wheels

A Ginny Wheel is effectively a pulley wheel for scaffolding. Ginny Wheels allows the scaffold user to speedily get building materials up on higher scaffold bays by putting a rope through the ginny wheel, allowing the user to simply pull the rope to get the materials to hand safely.

The top eye part of the wheel allows for a scaffold tube to run through. The eye is also on a swivel – 360 Degrees.

250kg Pull Capacity.

Heavy Duty, Durable Rope needed for lifting materials with Ginny Wheel.

Kwikstage Ladder Access Gate

Ladder Access Gates are an essential safety feature of any scaffolding system. The spring loaded, hi-vis and self-closing gate is designed to prevent falls from height when people climbing a scaffolding ladder onto a scaffold platform. Two couplers are attached to the gate to allow easy installation. The two couplers are fixed around the scaffold standard / upright.

Kwikstage Loading Bay Transom

Loading Bay Transoms are vital part of the Kwikstage scaffolding system. They provide the required support for a loading bay structure. Loading Bay transoms are used to in an 8ft long Kwikstage Loading Bay. This allows the scaffold structure to carry additional weight for building materials such as roof slates or timber.

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