Portable Hand Wash Station

Clareco’s Portable Hand Wash Station is a semi-permanent facility that helps the general public satisfy their sanitary needs. This solution suited to any organisation or business who has a large volume of people entering their premises at any one time. For example, a nursing home, clinic, construction site, event, shop entrances, stadium entrances.

Clareco’s Portable Hand Wash Station is purely contactless. The user does not need to touch any unnecessary surfaces to operate the station.

You simply enter the station, place your hands under the automatic soap dispenser, then move your hands under the tap where warm water will automatically begin to flow. Proceed to washing your hands and when you are finished, move your hands to the contactless hand dryer. Now your all done!

This product truly embraces and promotes hand hygiene and is designed to make society in general more hygiene aware.

This unit is available for hire and purchase.

If you would like to express your interest please contact us.


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