Storage Containers

Clareco’s Storage Containers are ideal for storage of equipment in any setting, whether it be a construction site, garage, workshop, farm or a home. Clareco stock both new and second-hand storage containers. New containers are fully ventilated, durable and sealed.

Available Sizes:

  • 6ft x 6ft
  • 8ft x 8ft
  • 10ft x 8ft
  • 20ft x 8ft
  • 40ft x 8ft

Clareco containers can be purchased or hired at very competitive rates.

Anti Vandal Office

Anti Vandal Cabins / Offices are a very commonly used form of site accommodation used throughout the Construction Industry.

Why Anti Vandal?

  • They are designed to have a long lifespan
  • They are easily maintained
  • They are strong and durable
  • They add an additional layer of security to your premises / construction site
  • They are a safe place to store important equipment
  • They are cost effective

All of these points are key when it comes to outdoor temporary accommodation on a construction site or on the grounds of a business. Anti Vandal Cabins & Containers make up our hire and sales fleet throughout Ireland.

From starting out as a steel shell, Clareco’s Anti Vandal Cabins are then finished very effectively inside and outside.

The exterior of the cabins are painted with a primer and with a finish coat RAL coat. Clareco’s Anti Vandal Cabins also come with an exterior plug socket which is the main point of electricity in the cabin. When the cabin is not being used, you can ensure that the cabin is totally theft and vandal proof by closing the steel shutters to protect the windows.

Inside, the interior is finished with a vinyl faced plasterboard on the walls and ceiling. Light is provided by 5ft LED Lights. Office equipment can be powered by the various twin sockets located around the cabin. All of Clareco’s Cabins come with radiators to ensure that a high level of heat is maintained in the cabin, especially in the winter months. Insulation in the walls and ceilings allows for the heat to be retained in the cabin.

Anti Vandal Canteen

Clareco’s Portable Canteen Unit is a simple and effective temporary space solution for any construction site, workplace or factory. All of our Canteen Units are robust steel, theft proof units, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that when the Portable Canteen Unit is not being used that it cannot be damaged or vandalised.

Clareco’s Canteen are designed to be easy to clean and user friendly, allowing people to go to one place for their refreshments.

Clareco’s Portable Canteen Unit comes in various different sizes, for example 10ft x 10ft, 12ft x 10ft, 20ft x 10ft and 30ft x 10ft.

The Canteen Unit comes with a sink with hot and cold water, a counter-top and with modular frame furniture.

This unit is available for hire and purchase.

If you would like to express your interest please contact us.

Anti Vandal Drying Room

Clareco’s Portable Drying Room caters to a lot of industries, some including sports clubs, construction sites, events, windfarms, factories and any workplace that does outdoor work.

Clareco’s Portable Drying Room comes fully benched out with coat hooks and with 2 no. oil filled radiators. The purpose of a drying room or a changing room is to provide workers a dry and warm space to change out of their wet clothes. We believe that we have the perfect solution for this need. In an area, that lacks amenities and proper welfare facilities, there is no better option.

This product are available for hire and purchase.

Anti Vandal Single Toilet Block

Clareco’s Single Mains Toilet Block is a perfect sanitary solution if your construction site or business need a quality, secure and aesthetically pleasing option.

This Anti Vandal Single Mains Toilet Block has forklift pockets and lifting eyes on the roof. This means it can easily be moved to different locations on site.
If your site / premises does not have access to the mains sewerage system, we also supply a 500 gallon holding tank which will need to be emptied regularly!

The Single Mains Toilet Block has:

  • Connection to Hot and Cold water
  • Outside dimensions of 4ft x 4ft
  • Wash Hand Basin
  • LED Light

Anti Vandal Toilet Block

Our Anti Vandal Male & Female Toilet Blocks are a very popular hire option for larger construction sites who require extra welfare facilities due to a large number of workers on site.

Our Toilet Blocks requires connection to the sewerage system on site.
If your site / premises does not have access to the mains sewerage system, we also supply a 500 gallon holding tank which will need to be emptied regularly!
Our Toilet Blocks include:

  • Hot & Cold Water Connection
  • Wash Hand Basins
  • Water Inlet & Outlet Pipes
  • LED Lights

Hand Wash Station

Clareco’s Portable Hand Wash Station is a semi-permanent facility that helps the general public satisfy their sanitary needs. This solution suited to any organisation or business who has a large volume of people entering their premises at any one time. For example, a nursing home, clinic, construction site, event, shop entrances, stadium entrances.

Clareco’s Portable Hand Wash Station is purely contactless. The user does not need to touch any unnecessary surfaces to operate the station.

You simply enter the station, place your hands under the automatic soap dispenser, then move your hands under the tap where warm water will automatically begin to flow. Proceed to washing your hands and when you are finished, move your hands to the contactless hand dryer. Now your all done!

This product truly embraces and promotes hand hygiene and is designed to make society in general more hygiene aware.

This unit is available for hire and purchase.

Portable Coffee Bar

This Portable Coffee Bar is a pop up coffee shop that makes it easy for restaurants, bars and cafes to continue to sell their products to their customers during the Covid 19 pandemic. When we look back at the Covid 19 pandemic, we will always remember pop up coffee shops as being a glimmer of light for people as this was one of the few ways people could meet in an outdoor setting, safely.

Clareco innovated their typical Anti Vandal Cabin to make a Portable Coffee Bar. During the pandemic, there was a new industry created. Clareco adapted their product by doing research with restaurant and café owners to see what they needed from a pop up coffee shop. This concept has culminated into a being a business survival strategy for many small to medium sized restaurant and café owners.

Anti Vandal Welfare Unit

The Ultimate All in One Site Welfare Facility!

Clareco offer Static and Mobile Welfare Units to contractors who work in remote areas.

Our Welfare Units have a fully equipped canteen area with a fridge, microwave, kettle and a fixed table and padded benching. A separated fully furnished office is a comfortable area to track work progress on site with internet connection available. Also included is a portaloo toilet block and drying room.

The Mobile Welfare Units can cater for up to seven people. It also has its own in-built water and waste tanks.

Product Features:

  • 6KVA Stephill Generator
  • Fully Galvanised Steel Exterior
  • Anti Vandal Shutters
  • Retractable Towbar
  • Hydraulic Jockey Wheel
  • Aluminium Floor
  • Automatic Jacking System
  • Retractable Lifting Lugs

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