Building Equipment

ClareCo are the go-to suppliers for building equipment. We offer a large selection of building supplies that can be delivered nation-wide. Contact one of our team and discuss your project requirements.

Acro Props

Acro Props are designed to support falsework, floors, ceilings and walls. Durable and long lasting and can be used with Strongboys.

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Comes with a handle and are used with Acro Props. Support lintels, RSJ’s and beams while being fitted. Used between brick or block.

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Crowd Control Barriers

Most commonly used at public Events. Each panel interlocks with another panel by placing the hook into the hole at the side of the panel.

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Pedestrian Safety Barrier

Lightweight, durable and effective barriers that protects the public from live works that may be ongoing in a busy public area.

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Scaffolder Step

Ensure your scaffolders are using best practices when erecting and dismantling scaffolding.

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Rubbish Chutes

Waste removal for construction and building site. Transfer debris from a building or structure to a skip.

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Cable Protector

The 3 channel Cable Protector Ramp is designed to protect cables that are exposed to traffic on a construction site.

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Traffic Cones

Essential tool for traffic management. Attached is a strong UV reflector. Heavy Duty traffic cone.

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Scaffold Netting

Edge protection for the external perimeter. Prevents heavy pieces of debris from falling from the scaffold.

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