Acro Props

Acro Prop Sizes:

  • Size 1: 5’9″- 10’3″
  • Size 2: 6’6″ – 11′
  • Size 3: 8’6″-13′


  • Acro Props are designed to support falsework, floors, ceilings and walls.
  • Durable and long lasting and can be used with Strongboys.
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Acro Props made of strong steel and heavily threaded.



  • Comes with a handle and are used with Acro Props.
  • Support lintels, RSJ’s and beams while being fitted.
  • Used between brick or block work when knocking down a wall.
  • 100% genuine and is not a copy!

Crowd Control Barriers


  • Most commonly used at public Events.
  • Reusable, easily stacked, galvanized steel.
  • Helps security personnel of the Event to manage the safety of attendees.
  • Effective in controlling crowd size and showing people the space they have to operate in.
  • Each panel interlocks with another panel by placing the hook into the hole at the side of the panel.

Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Pedestrian Safety Barriers:

  • 2.1m x 3.45m


  • Primary purpose is to ensure public safety and security.
  • Commonly used in industrial construction sites for hoarding.
  • Also used in events with a large amount of people attending.
  • Fence Panels come with the block and clip.

The 2m Avalon Clear Path Pedestrian Barrier is a lightweight, durable and effective barrier that protects the public from live works that may be ongoing in a busy public area. The Avalon Clear Path Pedestrian Barrier is equipped with clean path yellow feet. This is designed to overcome a trip hazard. The hi-vis reflective tape easily notifies the public and road users that there are live works in the area. The Avalon Clear Path Pedestrian Barrier is designed to be easily stackable and transportable. The Barrier is designed and manufactured in the UK and is made from 100% recyclable material.

Scaffolder Step


The scaffolders step allows scaffolding erectors to install a guard rail on the lift above the working platform the scaffolder is currently working on. The scaffolders step is a fall protection device when scaffolders are installing the next lift. This is an industry recognised safety feature for erecting scaffolds and is commonly used in the tube and fitting scaffolding system. The scaffolders step should be used with the scaffolder wearing a certified safety harness and lanyard.

Rubbish Chutes


  • Ideal solution for waste and rubbish removal on construction and building site.
  • Main purpose is to transfer debris from a building or structure to a skip.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easily Stacked.
  • Chains Included.
  • Damage Resistant.

Cable Protectors

The 3 channel Cable Protector Ramp is designed to protect cables that are exposed to traffic on a road, laneway and construction site. The Cable Protector Ramp is suitable for heavy goods vehicles and has a 10 tonne per axle weight capacity. When vehicles approach the cables protectors, speed must not exceed 5mph. Each Cable Protector section are just under 1 metre in length and have an interlocking jigsaw method to allow for easy and simple installation. This is a very commonly seen health and safety measure taken by construction sites all over Ireland. Accidents involving electrical cables are prevalent in Ireland today and this is one risk mitigation solution.


  • 960mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 75mm (H).
  • 3 channels for cables.
  • Anti-slip top panel that opens and closes.
  • Interlocking Jigsaw Sections.

Traffic Cones


  • Essential tool for traffic management.
  • Attached is a strong UV reflector.
  • Heavy Duty traffic cone.

Scaffold Netting

Types Available:

  • Green Debris Netting.
  • Monarflex Sheeting.


  • Effective additional method of edge protection for the external perimeter.
  • Prevents heavy pieces of debris from falling from the scaffold.
  • Prevents Injury.

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